First Date Ideas

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  • AutmnFirefly ( 22, Bi woman / Bangor, ME )

    I think one of the best ways to break the ice in the beginning of a relationship is start off casual with something fun that loosens up the tension. I have always liked playing pool/ billiards and sharing a couple drinks...  read more>>

  • Jadugar ( 29, Bi man / Pontiac, MI )

    I'd much rather do an activity than sit and eat/go to a movie (not that I don't enjoy either, but it's hard to get to know a person watching a movie!).

  • jay_mac ( 19, Bi-curious man / Glendale, AZ )

    meet at the mall food court or by gamestop and walk around. i guess you have to have your own place too

  • DesDog ( 30, Bi-curious man / Greensboro, NC )

    Just to hang out first to get to know each other.

  • mekalovesdapuss ( 28, Bi woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    Big kid at heart some lets do what big kids love to do.

  • blissandbrawn ( 56, Bi-curious couple / Brookpark, OH )

    Just meeting at dinner locally for the first time, and just talking about ourselves and each other and see how we all relate as people. Then go from there and begin a friendship with playing games and just being ourselve...  read more>>

  • indiana47905 ( 65, Bi-curious man / Lafayette, IN )

    either invite me over or lets meet for a round of golf get to know one another. same for fishing

  • Chonique7686 ( 30, Bi woman / Bastrop, LA )

    How about we can go bowling & have fun? If you don't know how to bowl, it's ok. I can teach you. You don't have to be perfect either. We can get to know each other more as we play as well. If you wanna shoot pool, then t...  read more>>

  • JustLiveLife ( 26, Bi couple / Dallas, TX )

    For a first date I figure we should go out as if we were friends so the lady could loosen up and see our personalities. Some where fun like main event or Dave and busters to get us active and get the vibe going. After th...  read more>>

  • alexisantoine143 ( 21, Bi woman / Lewisville, TX )

    I want a girl or guy that I can trust

  • Dommm_Mckk ( 19, Bi woman / Brooklyn, NY )

    I want to go to an arcade! I'm not the type to have sex on the first date BUT I will kiss you. I'm young ... I'm not desperate for sex

  • icyzxs26 ( 21, Bi woman / Philippines )

    I want just simple. I want to talk about who i gonna date with. I like the idea that we just have fun as simple as that.

  • GDogTulsa ( 52, Bi man / Tulsa, OK )

    I'm not into "dating," unless throwing around some weight at the gym is a date! I'd love to find a workout buddy who is reliable and conscientious. After the gym we hit the steam room, shower and get a protein...  read more>>

  • Britt1710 ( 24, Bi-curious woman / West Des Moines, IA )

    Maybe something like go-kart racing and afterwards loser buys fro yo.

  • christina1975 ( 35, Bi woman / Port Royal, SC )

    We like to all go out and hang out at the beach or out for some drinks or whatever we desiderate to do I'm a very laid back woman looking for the same

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